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The nonprofit that I have chosen to research is Rainbow Omega. Rainbow Omega is a nonprofit organization in Eastaboga, Alabama. It helps adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. One issue that this nonprofit has is that it is owned by a member of the Church of Christ. The organization takes the adults to church every Sunday morning. The problem that the organization ran into is that it was only taking a bus to the local Church of Christ. In my opinion, this should not be a problem. However, the government got involved and made them start making it available to go to other churches in the area. I do not agree with this. I understand that it is government funded but that doesn’t mean it is required. I look at it like this, you do not have to go to this facility to live. It is an option to go to Rainbow Omega and it should be Rainbow Omega’s decision on where it wants to take a van to church. There wasn’t a big ordeal because the owner was cooperative and didn’t cause any problems. I think it shouldn’t have been a big deal at all or even that the government should have gotten involved. It is a choice, and it should be a choice where Rainbow Omega wants to run a bus route on Sunday morning.


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