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In this article from June 2012, the controversial immigration law passed by then Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, was struck down in part by the Supreme Court for being unconstitutional in many ways. The only part left standing by this ruling was that police and state troopers can check a person’s immigration status while “enforcing other laws. “ But even that brief statement still leaves a lot open to interpretation to me. What Brewer was also wanting to do that was deemed unconstitutional was also ban those illegal immigrants from work or looking for work and fine whoever knowingly hired them too. And another part to this law that I was questioning was that Brewer wanted those suspected to be illegal immigrants to carry around proof at all times of their citizenship. I never looked into this but asked myself, if a person looks a certain type of way, are they supposed to carry a laminated copy of their birth certificate or something?
A statement in this article given by (then) President Barack Obama says, “ “No American should ever live under a cloud of suspicion just because of what they look like.” Something I think we all can agree on and as we all know, racial profiling is illegal. I am not naive to believe it never happens but this law blatantly does just that. Many have made claim that Obama has not done anything to properly secure the borders or deal with the growing number of illegal immigrants still here in the U.S. Also a U.S. Rep. named Luis Gutierrez of Illinois says in the article that this law was made to make immigrants feel as “uncomfortable as possible” because he felt that persons who has a Latino or even other racial name that is non-white, will only be the ones scrutinized.
Brewer was of course upset at the ruling and feels that the government is turning its back on Arizona and what she felt was a crisis. However, the Federal Government and the Supreme Court made it clear that the stats can set new laws for their own state, but they ultimately have the power to reject those laws and that the Federal government is the law of the land over all.
I believe my article shows that the politics administration dichotomy works and it works two-fold. First, it left a partial point of the law which is that it is legal to check for immigration status if probable cause is at play while another crime has occurred. But it should be more clear as to what crimes that occurs. I’m sure that a person driving and suspected of a DUI/DWI or no license at all with a valid traffic stop is what comes to mind. But if the person has a valid license and was pulled over for running a red light, that is not enough probable cause. And I would also agree to it that if a person was arrested for something more serious like domestic violence, then they should do an immigration check while that person was being processed into jail.
The second part I agree with is that the Supreme Court did not completely strike down the law and to me sent the message that they will allow states to set their own laws based on that state’s needs, but if they feel it was too over reaching, they will intervene. This is a good checks and balances system. This will help make sure that a person’s rights are not violated because that is part of the reason why we have so many people migrate, legal or not, here to the US. States should be able to make some laws regarding immigration based on how severe it is in that state. I can imagine that certain states in the middle of the map, might not have as much of an issue as those in the South such as Texas or Arizona does. So as the increase of illegal immigrants happens, the more the Federal government should work with those states more to solve the problem. The laws should be created first, but not passed without the proper approval based on the Federal laws that oversee all. But the government must do something for the U.S. as a whole first as well. So perhaps Brewer woke them up to the fact that the government is dragging their feet on this issue and something will be done to curb illegal immigration. I say curve because I do not think it will ever completely stop in the future.


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